Posts from June 2018

Posts from June 2018

EBC is Growing and Moving!

This past week the College Board approved a recommendation from the staff that we move the College base in Wester Hailes to Broxburn, just outside the city.   For the past five years we have been based on the premises of Wester Hailes Baptist Church on the western side of Edinburgh and we are grateful to the leadership and congregation for hosting us in that time.  However, we strongly believe the time is right for us to move slightly west…

New Lecturers at EBC

We are thrilled to be adding this immensely gifted and experienced couple to our team of lecturers at EBC. Adrian and Heather Holdsworth will both be having a significant input into our new Advanced Ministry Apprenticeship Programme which Adrian designed and which launches this autumn. Adrian has also joined our College Board and you can find out more about both of them here and here.

New Testament Manuscripts

In recent months we have been privileged to have teaching input from Dr Elijah Hixson, a New Testament scholar. Next Thursday, 21st June, Elijah is going to lead a special one-off seminar on the importance and significance of the New Testament manuscripts. We are making this seminar open to anyone who is interested. It is from 11am to 1pm and there is no charge. Please feel free to just turn up.

EBC Board

The College Board met for its regular quarterly meeting on June11th and we thought you might like to see a picture of the members in person and pray for them.  Apologies for the rear view of Eric Purves but you can see his face here!