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Posts from April 2019


The Bible in a Day

The Bible in a Day seminar, written and presented by EBC’s Principal, Rev John Brand, has been well received in a number of churches in the UK. The seminar is designed to give you a good grasp of the whole Bible, identifying the unifying theme of the Scriptures and seeing how all the various parts…


Train up a Child…..

The training up of children in the ways of the Lord must, surely, be one of the most important responsibilities given to us as parents and churches, and never was there a day when the challenge was greater.   This seminar is designed to encourage and equip parents, teachers, Sunday School workers, and all concerned…


Introduction to New Testament Greek

Our Introduction to Biblical Languages modules are among our most popular courses, taught by our experienced and gifted Tutor, Lynn Cooke. Starting on 1st May we are running an 8 week Introduction to New Testament Greek course on Wednesday mornings, to which everyone and anyone is more than welcome. You can pre-register and find more…