Posts from July 2021

Posts from July 2021

Why EBC? Ask Joshua

Joshua Truesdale graduated in 2019 with a Diploma in Applied Theology and in 2020 with a Licentiate in Theology, having successfully completed our third year Advanced Ministry Apprenticeship Programme In this interview with our Principal he shares why he chose EBC in the first place and why he would encourage others to do the same.

Pastoral Theology

EBC is committed to preparing God’s people for God’s purposes, and to do that especially within the context of the local church.  To that end, we take no greater pleasure than in preparing suitably gifted men for pastoral ministry. Our Diploma in Applied Theology covers all the usual and important subjects of Systematic Theology, Biblical Theology and Practical Theology and we put a great deal of emphasis on spiritual formation and disciplines as well as giving student opportunities for practical…

Why EBC? Ask Peter

Peter has just completed the first year of what we call ‘blended learning’ with EBC. This has enabled him to do some study via zoom classes while attending other classes in person as covid restrictions have allowed. That approach might also work for you, in which case we would be delighted to hear from you.

Why EBC: Ask Kevin

Kevin is currently studying with EBC, taking advantage of our zoom classes, and is hoping to do further study with us. Our Principal asked him why he chose EBC to study with and what he would say to other potential students who were exploring study options.

Why WBC? Ask Ian

Ian Llewelyn has just completed his Diploma in Applied Theology and is continuing into a third year of practical training at EBC. In this interview with the Principal he explains why he chose EBC over other training options, and why he would encourage others to do the same.

Why EBC? Ask Adam

Pastor Adam Urban of Poland, one of our first EBC Graduates, tells why he chose to study at EBC, and why he would encourage others to do the same.