Edinburgh Bible College was established in August 2012 with the encouragement of a number of church leaders who recognised a need for an independent, church-based, robustly biblical training facility in central Scotland.  The College is governed by and accountable to local churches across the evangelical spectrum and all the teaching and training is done by practitioners, rather than professionals – in other words those whose daily ministry is the teaching and preaching of the Word of God.

We are concerned by the situation which is almost ‘the norm’ now, where Christian training Colleges are accountable to and accredited by secular bodies whose worldviews ought to be far removed from the convictions of the Bible College.   We remain committed to the historic truths of the Christian, biblical faith and will not compromise on those beliefs for the sake of supposed academic respectability.

All in those in leadership in the College – Board, Lecturers and other staff – have to affirm their agreement with the College’s doctrinal basis on an annual basis. This enables us to guarantee our students and their home churches that they will only be taught by those who are committed to the historic, biblical truths of Christianity.

Edinburgh Bible College is a registered Charity in Scotland – SC043657

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