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Posts by John Brand

Individual Subjects

We have now posted details of our revised modules on the Doctrines of God, Christ and the Scriptures, as well as on Acts and Leviticus – Hebrews. Why not register to study one of them? Many more to come, so watch this space.

Studying Individual Subjects

We are currently reformatting all our modules that can be studied via e-learning with EBC. We have around 60 students, mainly in UK but also further afield who are currently studying in this way – some to accumulate study credits towards a Certificate or Diploma, others just for the sheer joy and benefit of studying Scripture. Over the next few weeks we will be adding to the list of online subjects and uploading them here, so keep tabs on that…


Many congratulations to our College Administrator, Kerstin Prill, who has recently graduated with a Higher Certificate in Christian Counselling with Distinction from the South African Theological Seminary, after a great deal of hard word work. Reflecting these strange days we all currently live in, Kerstin commented, “I graduated today watching a YouTube video while doing the washing up in the kitchen. What a strange world we live in.”

EBC Library

Thanks to the hard work of our Librarian, Valerie Robertson, our library of some 5,000 books (and growing) is now fully catalogued online and is beginning to look much more like a real library!

EBC Virtual Classrooms

There’s still time to register for one of our new virtual classrooms which start next week. We have new modules on Practical Praying, the Doctrines of Christ, The Church and The Holy Spirit, and one on Apocalyptic Literature. Registration is necessary but very simple, and the cost works out at just £5 per hour of inspirational teaching.

Creation Matters

A reminder that next week, on Thursday 22nd April, we have a special online day seminar on Creation Matters, with Prof Steve Taylor of Liverpool University. This should be inspirational and informational and only costs £30 (registration required). You can register here

Could You Become a Friend of EBC?

Edinburgh Bible College has only been in existence for a relatively short time but already, in the Lord’s goodness, we have been privileged to equip students who are now serving in, among other places, Poland, USA, England, Scotland and Northern Ireland, as well as others who have just got to know their God and their Bibles better. Humanly speaking, none of this would have been possible without the prayerful and financial support of many people, and we are enormously grateful…
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WHY EBC: Ecclesial Training

Principal John Brand shares the second of our 7 core characteristics that we are committed to. 2. Ecclesial Training EBC is committed to a training that is accountable to, and in partnership with, local churches At EBC our governing Board is made up of representatives of local churches and our governing documents constrain us to be accountable to the local church ‘full-time’ Diploma students will only be accepted in consultation with, and with the full agreement of, their home church…

New for Summer Term

You can register for this and our other new modules here. Details of this subject can be downloaded here.
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Why EBC: Biblical Training

When it comes to choosing a Bible College training, there are numerous options and potential students need to know what they are signing up for. When we were setting up EBC nine years ago we identified 7 core characteristics that we want to pursue and be known by and over the next few days our Principal, John Brand, is going to remind you of these. 1.Biblical Training EBC is committed to training that produces men and women who are steeped…

Practical Praying

Here is one of our new modules which starts in April. You can register here. Details of this subject can be downloaded here.

Are You Thinking About Studying And Training?

This past week we were delighted to welcome Rebekah (not in this picture) as our first new student for the 2021-2022 College year and are currently in conversation with several other potential students. If you – or someone you know – is thinking about some form of study and training, why not get in touch? We would be glad to explore options with you, and remember that two of our core values are FLEXIBILITY and ACCESSIBILITY.