Bible in a Day

Bible in a Day


The Bible in a Day seminar, written and presented by EBC’s Principal, Rev John Brand, has been well received in a number of churches in the UK and will be held again at EBC in the coming weeks.

The seminar is designed to give you a good grasp of the whole Bible, identifying the unifying theme of the Scriptures and seeing how all the various parts interconnect.  It is interactive, with lots of opportunity for questions and discussion, and full notes and a folder are supplied to all who attend.  You can find out more about the Bible in a Day seminar here, at the designated website.

John will be presenting the seminar on Saturday 13th October at Edinburgh Bible College, 39 Greendykes Road,  BROXBURN EH52 5AF

The seminar runs from about 10.00 – 5.00 and costs just £25

You can just turn up for the day, but in order to make sure we have the right amount of folders and materials it would be helpful to us if you could register using the form below.

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