In keeping with our key distinctives of being flexible and accessible we have a range of course options, with probably something to suit everyone. So whether you want to do a full Diploma course – which usually involves 3 days a week at College over 2 years but can be done over a longer period of time if it suits you better – or whether you just want to study some individual subjects and Bible books, the choice is yours.

Our courses are especially designed to allow you to work in your local church for some time each week giving you valuable hands-on experience, or fulfill family commitments or, indeed, to have a part-time job and earn some income.

If what we have to offer still doesn’t seem to fit the bill, please contact us because we can almost certainly tailor something appropriate.

Remember too that almost everything we teach at EBC can be followed on-line as well as on-site.

EBC Diploma in APPLIED Theology

240 Study Credits

This is our core course, structured around four disciplines, all of which are vital for an effective equipping and preparation for ministry.

Advanced Ministry Apprenticeship Programme

60 Study Credits

A 9 month vocational training programme conducted in diverse settings under the leadership of EBC and external mentors. The  Programme exists to transition students from the full-time college environment to full-time Christian ministry while transforming them in five key areas of personal development – knowing the Scriptures, Self, People, God and Ministry Skills.

EBC Certificate in Biblical Studies

120 Study Credits

This course can be taken over a maximum period of 5 years, accumulating sufficient study credits, and can be studied on-site or on-line or a combination of the two.

EBC Certificate in Expository Preaching

120 Study Credits

This can be taken on-site or on-line, or a combination of both, over a maximum period of 5 years, accumulating sufficient study credits.


Almost all the subjects we teach at EBC can be studied individually, either on-site or on-line and study credits* can be accrued, if so wished, towards one of the listed EBC awards.

* Study credits are calculated on the following basis:

  • each individual unit (or lecture) of a module (or subject) is worth 3 study hours – 1 hour of teaching and 2 hours of personal study
  • a module made up of 20 units therefore requires 60 study hours
  • the total number of study hours is divided by 10 to give the study credits for that module – which in this example would be 6

These figures may help you as you plan your study or choose your course depending on how much time you have available.

What is sometime described as “full-time” study, which means 3 days of classes each week at EBC, would involve 15 hours a week in the classroom and 30 hours of private study and research.