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Approved Worker Certificate

This is designed to be completed by attending classes on-site one day a week over 2 years. It could be adapted to be completed on-line on request.

As part of our commitment to preparing God’s people for God’s purposes, we have designed a training programme that will provide the basic training and preparation for a wide range of Bible teaching contexts, as well as helping individual believers get much more out of their personal reading and studying of God’s Word.

Structured around various exhortations from Paul to Timothy, this part-time course will equip Christians to “keep a close watch on yourself and the teaching”, to “rightly handle the word of truth” and the “preaching and teaching” that is so vital to the growth and maturity of Church and Christian.

The course is designed to be completed by attending one day a week during the academic year (30 weeks) over two years, but can be done at a slower speed and parts of it can also be completed online. Successful completion of all the modules in the course will result in the awarding of the EBC Approved Worker certificate.

The course is be taught by gifted and enthusiastic teachers with a great deal of relevant experience and, as with all teaching at EBC, the teaching itself will be inspirational, practical and thoroughly Bible centred.

The course is made up of five modules (detailed curriculum here):

Route 66 (60 units)

Basic to any Bible preaching or teaching ministry is the Bible itself and yet large tracts of it are ‘no go’ or ‘not gone’ for many Christians. We will introduce you to every book in the Bible as well as help you see each book in the big storyline of the Bible and be able to make all the necessary connections.

Spiritual Formation (60 units)

Paul told Timothy to “keep a close watch on yourself”, and this part of the course is focussed on the personal spiritual growth and formation of the believer, critical to a fruitful and effective life and ministry.

Doctrine (60 units)

Second to watching ourselves, says Paul, is watching “the teaching”. In a course of this sort we can’t cover all biblical truth but we will do a systematic study of the doctrines of Scripture, God and Christ, laying solid, biblical foundations for everything else we teach as Approved Workers.

Bible Interpretation (60 units)

The call to “rightly” handle the word of God means, of course, there are wrong ways to read and understand Scripture. We will give you the disciplines and tools you need to correctly and accurately interpret any passage of the Bible.

Preaching and Teaching (60 units)

In this section of the course, students can elect to concentrate on a specific area of communicating Scripture – preaching, teaching children or young people.


The total cost for the two year course is £2,250, based on a cost of £7.50 per one-hour unit. The course fee can be paid on a weekly basis or in larger amounts as preferred.


There is no application process for this course, but you need to register by completing and returning the following form.

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