We want to make our courses as widely available as possible, so almost everything we teach at EBC is also available online.  This means that you can pursue a training course from the comfort and convenience of your own home.  So, even if you don’t live within easy reach of the College itself, you can still benefit from our training and equipping.  It will also make study accessible for overseas students, and those who are outside the EU and so prevented from coming here for training by the current restrictions on students imposed by the UK Government.

Whether you just want to study one subject or book of the Bible, or whether you want to do a number of modules, and perhaps work toward an EBC Certificate or Diploma, EBC’s e-Learning facility is here to help you.

How it works

There is a simple online registration form to complete, but no complicated application form.  Once registered, we give you access to Moodle, our online virtual learning hub, where all our course materials are uploaded.   Each module is linked to paypal, so as soon as you make the payment, that module is unlocked and you can get started.

You can choose from a long list of subjects, or modules as we like to call them, and as you complete each module, you gain study credits which can be accumulated, leading to an award.  120 credits will earn you a Certificate in Biblical Studies or a Certificate in Expository Preaching.  240 credits will earn you a Diploma in Theology (please ask for more details).

Included in your tuition costs is regular face to face time with your tutor via Zoom or one of the other media platforms.

If you are able to, you can even combine online studies with attending some classes at College, and so benefit from the interaction with the staff and the other students.

“I have been distance learning with EBC for nearly 2 years. I have been a Christian for over 20 years before starting my course. I have found the course work very informative and very enlightening. There has been good support from the collage with all the courses I have done along with a large dose of encouragement from the tutors. I would highly recommend anyone who wanted to deepen their Biblical knowledge to sign up any of the courses on offer.” (Andy, Scotland, former online student)

What does it cost?

Well, that depends.  Our modules are priced according to the number of study credits they are worth.  For example, a module on Romans, which accrues 5 study credits and involves around  50 hours of study time, costs just £50.  Larger modules, like OT Overview (12 credits; 120 study hours) or Doctrine of Scripture (6 credits; 60 study hours) would cost £120 and £60 respectively.   Please note, as part of our commitment to making our courses widely available we have recently significantly reduced all our online study prices, most of them by over 50%.

How do I get started?

If you want more information, just email us at info@edinburghbiblecollege.co.uk and we’ll do our best to answer any questions you have.  Or, if you’re ready to take the plunge, you can download, complete and return this online registration form and we’ll get you started as quickly as possible.

The EBC course allowed me to study at my own pace and at a distance. This was important as I live in Northern Ireland and because of my more mature years. I had previously gained a Diploma in Expository Preaching under John Brand’s teaching and knew that he had great abilities as a tutor, but also that he stood firm in the final authority of Scripture. The lectures were informative, interesting and enjoyable. The lecturers were experts in their own fields and were very enthusiastic. The course was not an easy option – we were made to think, question and research for ourselves. I was challenged but also blessed. It was also a blessing to be able to visit the college itself for some classes and take part in discussions. Rev. Brand was available at short notice when I had queries or just needed a little encouragement. I would heartily recommend this college to anyone who has an interest in the Bible and would like to expand their knowledge of Scripture but who lives remotely or cannot commit to full time study. It is also a Bible College in the traditional sense for those who would like to study for a Diploma in Theology. The course has certainly opened up the book for me and equipped me to evangelise part time in the South of Ireland and in Portugal. So many times when I was almost lost for words, God brought to my remembrance portions of Scripture that I had studied during this course.  To God be the glory!   (Paul, Northern Ireland, 2016 Graduate)