EBC Pastors’ Fellowship

EBC Pastors’ Fellowship

We commend to your prayers a new venture which begins today – the EBC Pastors’ Fellowship.

Many men in pastoral ministry, have a sense of isolation and are sometimes struggling with issues in ministry for which they do not feel adequately prepared and equipped. This, of course, is in addition to the general need for fellowship and mutual burden-bearing.

With this in mind we are today holding the first online meeting of the EBC Pastors’ Fellowship, with most, but not all, of those involved having been trained at EBC over the years or currently undergoing training. Those involved at this moment in time are ministering in Scotland, England, N Ireland, Poland and the USA. We want to provide an ongoing support and fellowship resource and meet not as lecturers and students but as brothers in Christ and co-workers in the gospel. Two or three experienced Pastors will be involved so as to provide a wealth of knowledge and experience. We will discuss issues in pastoral ministry, do some guided reading together and pray for one another.

Initially we envisage these being monthly get-togethers over zoom with the possibility of one or two ‘in-person’ meetings during the year as well. If you know someone who might benefit from this ministry, please do let us know.


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