EBC in Poland

EBC in Poland

Please pray for two key elements of follow up to our Principal’s recent ministry in Poland.

First, please pray for the many people who are watching the videos of Saturday’s seminar on the Overview of the Old Testament. You can find them all here or here, on the website of the Evangelical Church in Warsaw that hosted the conference.

Astonishingly, the first one has already been viewed almost 8,000 times, and the others are being viewed frequently as they are being uploaded. We know there were several unbelievers at the conference itself, including a young lady who had never attended a Protestant church before, and they, along with those who watch the videos, will have heard the gospel clearly explained and applied. Please pray for them.

Second, the church leaders are very keen for us to promote the ministry of Edinburgh Bible College in Poland, and build on the momentum gained over last weekend. All the church leaders I spoke with expressed a lack of confidence in any training currently available in Poland, and their confidence in what EBC is doing. We already have a Polish website and some Polish courses, but these now need overhauling and the work on that has begun. We have also had a couple of enquiries from potential students, so please pray that there will be more.



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