EBC’s Team of Lecturers Keeps Growing!

EBC’s Team of Lecturers Keeps Growing!

One of the key distinctives of EBC is that we use what we call practitioners, rather than professionals. This means that all our teaching is done by people who live and breathe their subject and ministry, and for whom this is not theoretical but practical.

With that in mind, we’re thrilled to welcome Tony Brown to our team. Tony will be teaching on World Religions and Cults.

Tony is a missionary / evangelist to those caught in New Religious Movements, especially Jehovah’s Witnesses and Mormons. As a former JW, he is keen to help Christians share the truth in love with those trapped in falsehood. He works with Reachout Trust and is a member of the Association of Evangelists. He has served as co-Pastor of Sunbridge Road Mission in Bradford and before that was a Teacher of Religious Education and School Chaplain

Tony is married to Cath and they have three children.


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