Evening Bible Classes @ Edinburgh Bible College

Evening Bible Classes @ Edinburgh Bible College

Since EBC was founded, back in 2012, it has always been our passion to make good Bible teaching available to as many people as we possibly can. Over that time, many people have been trained and equipped in one way or another – either through full-time study, distance learning, virtual classrooms over zoom or by attending one of our seminars or day conferences.

Over the past year we have tried running an evening timetable on one evening of each week during term time and this coming College year, beginning at the end of September, we are expanding that to two evenings a week. This means that, for example, if you work full-time or have other day time commitments, you can now benefit from some inspirational teaching one or two evenings a week and without leaving home, because all these classes are held over zoom.

Why not join an online class this autumn?

For the coming College year we are going to teach two of our most important, foundation subjects that every Christian should be familiar with – Bible Overview and Bible Interpretation.

In Bible Overview, over the course of the year, we will take you through each book of the Bible – introducing you to its background, structure and main theme as well as it’s teaching. Importantly, we’ll also show how it fits into the Bible timeline and contributes to the overall message of Scripture. (More details here)

In Bible Interpretation, we’ll give you the tools and skills to correctly handle, understand and apply any part of Scripture and show how these principles apply to different types of biblical text, such as parables, prophecies and historical narrative etc. (More details here)

Each of these subjects runs from 7.00 – 9.00 over 30 evenings during the College year that starts at the end of September; Bible Overview on Mondays and Bible Interpretation on Tuesdays. Each class comes with full study notes, powerpoint presentations and opportunities for questions and discussion, and since every class is recorded, you can revisit the material at your own convenience.

The cost depends on how you want to study. You can simply audit the course, which means attending and being involved but not submitting any assignments, or you can choose the assessment option in which you submit assignments and gain study credits.

For each course:

  • auditing option: £150 per term (10 sessions @ £15 per night); £400 for the whole year if paid in advance
  • assessments option: £200 per term (10 sessions @ £20 per night); £550 for the whole year if paid in advance

Please note that fees must be paid at least one term in advance. Registration is essential and can be done here.

For more information, please email us: info@edinburghbiblecollege.co.uk


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