Evening Virtual Bible College

Evening Virtual Bible College

It’s now just two weeks until we start our new online evening classes. Each Tuesday evening during term time there will be two 50 minute lectures with a short break in between. Registration is required but very simple.

For the first series, Rev Kieran Banks, Pastor of Dedridge Baptist Church in Livingston is taking as his subject something we know him to be really passionate about: Gripped by the Gospel.

What the gospel actually consists of seems to be as varied as the number of people we ask. Given that this can’t be so, the Gripped by the Gospel course takes us reflectively through the Bible to identify it anticipated in the Old Testament, enacted in the gospels, proclaimed by the apostles and, finally, witnessed to by ourselves. The course crystallises the gospel’s component
parts and helps us think through our own attempts to better share it.

You can find course details here, as well as information about the cost and how to register.


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