Here are details of another of our new virtual classrooms which are running this autumn and which are open to anyone.  (You can find more information about our virtual classrooms here.)

The letter to the Galatians has been referred to as the “Magna Carta of Christian liberty”. It addresses the issue of false gospels, specifically, the heretical claim by the “Judaizers” that works of the Law, such as circumcision, are essential for Gentiles (non-Jewish people) before they can receive salvation as Christians.

Paul had once delivered the Gospel of grace to the Galatians, which they so wonderfully believed. Now, in his letter to them, he must chastise them for so readily believing “another gospel”. He will go on to expose and dismantle this false gospel by appealing to both Old Covenant promises of salvation and their fulfilment through the New Covenant in Christ Jesus. This pharisaic infiltration by the Judaizers has also generated contentions and bad fruit between the Galatian saints. Paul, therefore, exhorts them to reject the false teaching, to walk in the Spirit and put away the desires of the flesh so that they may produce good fruit.

Galatians is a warning and an encouragement to the Church in every generation, as it deals with issues that have plagued the Christian faith since it began.

Course dates:

Tuesdays October 6, 13, 20, 27; November 10, 17, 24; December 1, 8

Time: 9.30 – 10.30am

Course Tutor:

Mr Ryan McKernan

Ryan is an EBC Graduate who is currently looking to the Lord for his direction for ministry

Course Cost:

We want to make our courses as widely accessible as possible so this course, like our other virtual classrooms, is available on a donation basis, though the usual cost for this course would be £45.


Pre-registration for this course is essential and can be done here.


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