Council of Reference

EBC’s Council of Reference is a group of highly respected Christian leaders, who support the aims and ethos of the College and who the College’s Board of Directors consult from time to time to help them keep informed about and aware of the wider Christian scene.

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Mr Alex McLellan

Alex was born in Edinburgh, Scotland. He completed his BA in Communications from Moody Bible Institute in Chicago, and he was awarded an MA in Philosophy of Religion from Talbot School of Theology in Los Angeles. The founder of Reason Why in the UK (2005), the family relocated to the  USA (2011) to launch Reason Why International (2011). Today…


Rev Dr Alexander M Roger PhD, BD

Sandy, as he is known, recently retired from parish ministry, having served four local congregations in Scotland and England, as well as being Senior Evangelist at Cliff College, the Methodist centre for evangelism and mission, the National Adviser in Religion to the Scottish Prison Service and the Principal of The Faith Mission Bible College in…