BT80301 10 Units 3 Study Credits £30


A study of the book of Acts, identifying the main themes and tracing the fast-moving account of the rapid expansion of the early church as we seek to highlight lessons for the contemporary church of our day.


As a result of the student’s successful completion of this module, s/he will:

Head:   be familiar with outline, structure and main themes of Acts

Heart:  have a greater appreciation of the work of the Holy Spirit in working through his appointed messengers and expanding the church throughout the nations

Hand:   be able to identify the lessons to be learned by the church today from the church of the time of Acts   



  • Stott, John R W     The Message of Acts     Leicester: IVP, 1991


  • Bruce, F F     The Acts of the Apostles     Grand Rapids: Eerdmans, 1990
  • Johnson, Dennis E     Let’s Study Acts     Edinburgh: Banner of Truth, 2003
  • Keddie, Gordon J     You Are My Witnesses     Darlington: Evangelical Press, 2000        


Choose from ONE of the following major themes of the book of Acts and write a 750 word assignment pinpointing relevant lessons for the church today.

  • The work of the Holy Spirit
  • Prayer
  • The expansion of the Church
  • The ministry of the word


Unit 1               Overview

Unit 2               1:1 – 2:47

Unit 3               3:1 – 6:7

Unit 4               6:8 – 9:31

Unit 5               9:32 – 11:18

Unit 6               11:19 – 14:28

Unit 7               15:1 – 18:22

Unit 8               18:23 – 21:16

Unit 9               21:17 – 23:30

Unit 10             23:31 – 28:31