Bible Overview: New Testament

Bible Overview: New Testament

Module BT70807 28 Units 8 Study Credits £80


Following on from the Old Testament overview module, we work our way through the books of the New Testament, studying each one individually but also being careful to see its links and contribution to the greater whole.  We will also do a chronological overview of the life and ministry of Christ.


As a result of the student’s successful completion of this module, s/he will:


  • know, understand and be able to explain the central message of the Bible and understand each book of the Bible in its theological and geo-political context


  • have a deep appreciation of and over for the unity and relevance of the Bible


  • be able to correctly outline each book communicate and apply the message of these parts of the Bible



  • Brand, J D  A Concise Chronology of the Bible  Edinburgh: Edinburgh Bible College, 2014       
  • Goldsworthy, G     The Goldsworthy Trilogy     London, Paternoster, 2001


  • Roberts, V     God’s Big Picture     Illinois: IVP, 2009


There are two assignments for this module:

  • List the books of the New Testament in chronological order, i.e. in the order of the periods of time they cover.
  • Write a 1,200 word overview of the narrative of the New Testament, beginning with the birth of Christ and ending with the end of Paul’s recorded ministry.