Bibliology (Doctrine of Scripture)

Bibliology (Doctrine of Scripture)

ST80603 20 Units 6 Study Credits £60


A study of the biblical teaching on the doctrine of Scripture, including its origin, nature and history, as well as the background to and the reasons for the proliferation of versions and translations down the years.


As a result of the student’s successful completion of this module, s/he will:


  • Understand and be familiar with the biblical teaching on the doctrine of Scripture.
  • Know the history of the English language Bible and be familiar with the key people and stages in its transmission


  • Have increased confidence in the nature, authority and reliability of Scripture as the inspired Word of God.
  • Be moved and humbled by the value placed on the Scriptures by our spiritual forefathers and in the rich inheritance they have left us.


  • Be able to explain and defend the traditional view of Scripture’s authority.
  • Be able to explain the reasons for the variations in versions and translations.


Required Reading:

  • Edwards, B     Nothing but the Truth     Darlington: Evangelical Press
  • Grudem, W     Systematic Theology  (pages 47-187)   Leicester: IVP, 1994

Recommended Reading:

  • Fee, G and Stuart, D     How to read the Bible for all its worth     Scripture Union
  • Frame, J M     The Doctrine of the Word of God     Phillipsburgh: P&R, 2010
  • Morris, L     I Believe in Revelation     London: Hodder and Stoughton, 1976
  • Packer, J     God has Spoken     London: Hodder and Stoughton
  • Sheehan, R     The Word of Truth     Darlington: Evangelical Press, 1998


Students are required to write a 1500 word essay on the subject, Why I Believe the Bible to be True. Your essay should refer to the following elements and demonstrate how each contributes to the nature of Scripture:

  • The authority of Scripture
  • The inspiration of Scripture
  • The infallibility of Scripture
  • The inerrancy of Scripture
  • The sufficiency of Scripture


Units 1-2           Revelation

Units 3-4           Inspiration, Infallibility, Inerrancy

Units 5-6           Authority

Units 7-8           Sufficiency

Units 9-10         Clarity

Units 11-12       The Story of our Bibles (1)

Units 13-14       The Story of our Bibles (2)

Units 15-16       The Canon of Scripture

Units 17-18       Translations and Versions

Units 19-20       The Apocrypha