Christology (Doctrine of Christ)

Christology (Doctrine of Christ)

ST80602 20 Units 6 Study Credits £60

DESCRIPTION:  A study of the biblical teaching on the doctrine of Christ, focussing on his being and the main aspects of his life, work, death, resurrection and continuing ministry.


As a result of the student’s successful completion of this module, s/he will:

Head:   Be familiar with the biblical teaching on the person and work of Christ and understand the importance of a correct Christology

Heart:  Have a deeper love for Christ and a greater appreciation of his saving and keeping work on their behal

Hand:   Be able to identify and explain the main events in the life of Christ and be able to explain the Gospel in a way that centres on the saving work of Christ on the cross   



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Students are required to write an essay of no more than 1500 words on ONE of the following subjects

1.  Define the Hypostatic Union and explain why it is important to hold to this doctrine.  Do this partly by referring to some of the false ways in which Christians in the past have tried to explain the mystery of the unity of the person of Christ.

2. What evidence is there from the life and ministry of Jesus Christ that validated his claims to deity?


Units 1-2           The Pre-existence of Christ and Christ in the Old Testament

Units 3-4           The Deity of Christ

Units 5-6           Incarnation and Humanity

Units 7-8           Human and Divine

Units 9-10         Life, Ministry and Death

Units 11-12       The Atonement (1)

Units 13-14       The Atonement (2)

Units 15-16       The Resurrection

Units 17-18       Ascension and Session

Units 19-20       The Return of Christ