Doctrine of God (Theology)

Doctrine of God (Theology)

ST80601 20 Units 6 Study Credits £60

OBJECTIVES:      The aim of this module is to:

inform the student’s mind as to the biblical revelation about the person, nature and works of God

inflame the student’s heart in worship, adoration and service as a response

As a result of the student’s successful completion of this module, s/he will

  • Head: Be familiar with and understand the biblical teaching on the doctrine of God                       
  • Heart: Have a greater sense of the greatness and ‘otherness’ of God
  • Hand: Be able to explain and communicate the various attributes of God and be able to critically analyse differing views and teachings on the subject



Pink, A W   Sovereignty of God (available at


Watson, T   A Body of Divinity   Banner of Truth

Kaiser, C     The Doctrine of God   Wipf and Stock

Packer, J      Knowing God    Hodder and Stoughton

Bavinck, H   The Doctrine of God    Banner of Truth

Grudem, W Systematic Theology IVP

Charnock, S   The Existence and Attributes of God (available at


As well as reading the required text, students are required to submit an assignment of 1500 words, choosing ONE of the following options

1. Defending the Doctrine of God


  • Discuss this topic in the light of our contemporary polytheistic culture


  • Give a personal and biblical analysis of what God means to you

2. Present an examination of the Doctrine of God as presented by a specific cult or religion.  (You may  choose the specific cult or religion)

3.    Trace the historical progression of the Doctrine of God


Units 1-2    God’s Being

Units 3-4    The Knowledge of God

Units 5-6 The Names of God

Units 7-8 The Holy Trinity

Units 9-10 The Three Persons of the Trinity

Units 11-12  The Incommunicable Attributes of God

Units 13-14  The Communicable Attributes of God

Units 15-16  The Providence of God

Units 17-18 The Fear of God

Units 19-20  The Doctrine of God in Historical Theology