There can be little doubt that the book of Isaiah is one of the most theologically rich of any of the Old Testament books. As has often been said, Isaiah gives the fullest revelation about the Messiah in the Old Testament, and in fact it is possible to preach the whole Gospel from Isaiah.

But, while certain sections of Isaiah – such as chapter 6 or chapter 53 – are well known and loved, much of Isaiah is largely unfamiliar to most believers. Perhaps this is because of its size or some of the prophetic and historical content.

Isaiah is the longest book in the Bible, apart from the Psalms which is, in essence, a collection of separate literary units. Its biblical importance can be seen in the fact that the New Testament contains more than 400 references to Isaiah and Paul quotes from it many times in his letters.

Ignorance of any part of Scripture is not good, but that is especially true of a book which speaks so richly of Christ.   The book, as a whole, presents a majestic and moving view of Christ.

In this module, Rev Gavino Fioretti will open up this amazing book to you in such a way that you will be able to make sense of the overall structure and message of the book and, most importantly, see Jesus and the gospel. This is an entirely new module in our curriculum and one you don’t want to miss!

The class will be held on 10 Tuesday mornings, between 11am and 1pm, starting on April 18th and will be held on zoom, so that wherever you live you will be able to take part.

You can simply audit the course and benefit from the teaching and fellowship, or complete an assignment with a view to gaining some study credits. Full study notes and recordings are included in the price, which is £200, but only £150 for the auditing option.

Registration is essential and can be done here. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us.


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