New Faculty Member at EBC

New Faculty Member at EBC

We are delighted to welcome Steve Osmond to our team of EBC Lecturers.

Steve, who currently works full time for Solas Centre For Public Christianity, will be teaching Apologetics in the Spring 2024 term.

Steve was trained in the sciences and earned his MSc cum laude in Zoology from the University of Johannesburg where he specialised in ecotoxicology and ecological risk assessment. He has run his own environmental consulting business for several years, focussing on specialist assessments for biomonitoring and exploration studies, as well as managing a marine biosecurity consultancy. Along with his passion for the natural world, he also has a love for theology and exploring the connections between faith and reason, and how Christianity makes sense of the world and answers life’s big questions.

He has spent several years in church ministry where he has been involved in pastoral ministry and creating training programmes for discipleship in theology and apologetics, as well as having spoken evangelistically at churches and universities in South Africa. Steve holds a MA in Apologetics & Theology from Southern Evangelical Seminary (North Carolina, USA)

Steve moved to Scotland from South Africa in 2023 with his wife, Robyn, and two daughters, Olivia and Hazel.


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