Pastoral Theology Module

Pastoral Theology Module

This is a reminder of our new Pastoral Theology module that begins at the beginning of October. We already have a few folk signed up for it but there is always room for more.

We believe this will be of interest, not only to those training for pastoral ministry, but also some who have been engaged in that work for some time and who would benefit from a refresher course, and even those currently involved in pastoral work but who never received any real equipping for that role.

This module will be held both in person and over zoom, so wherever you are in the world, never mind in the UK, you can benefit. We are also building into the module a personal mentoring element – either with one of our own staff or with a church leader nearer to you. If you have any questions, please contact us –

In our Pastoral Theology module we will cover both the principles and practices involved in the work of ministry, looking at four main areas:

  1. The Pastor’s Character, Calling and Connections

We will reflect the biblical emphasis which is on a godly character, ever before we consider gifting and training.   We will examine the mechanics of the call of God, both subjective and objective, and following a call to a local church and from one church to another.  And we will look at the Pastor’s connections and relationships – with God, his familyand himself.

  • The Pastor’s Disciplines

Just as Paul encouraged Timothy to “watch your life”, so the personal life of a Pastor is of immense importance to their public ministry.   This course will consider such issues as reading and study, prayer, time management, leisure and relaxation.

  • The Pastor’s Leadership

One of the greatly neglected areas of pastoral ministry is the leadership role – giving vision and direction to his people as well as modelling servant leadership.  We will study all of this, along with identifying, developing, appointing, and working with other leaders, dealing with conflict resolution and church discipline issues, and chairing meetings

  • The Pastor’s Ministry

Here is the public face of the Pastor.  How can we be best prepared for leading worship and preaching, for pastor care in general and for ministering to the sick and dying in particular, not to mention, weddings, funerals, and baptisms and the ongoing work of evangelism, discipling and mission.

We anticipate that this course will involve about 3 hours of clasrooom study each week during College term time and another 5-6 hours of personal study and work each week.

All those teaching the course will be experienced practitioners, men who have given their lives to this high calling of pastoral ministry and have considerable experience in pastoral ministry, because we believe practitioners are the best tutors and role models.   I myself, as well as heading up EBC pastor a local church and have pastored two other churches in previous years. 


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