Patterns of Evidence: Exodus

Patterns of Evidence: Exodus

Caroline and I spent a couple of hours recently watching this stunning and compelling documentary and highly recommend it.

Tim Mahoney, an independent film maker and producer, sets out to examine why, by and large, archaeologists, scientists and even religious leaders are convinced that the Exodus, as recorded in Scripture, didn’t happen; alleging that there is simply no evidence for it. Mahoney examines the biblical detail and, using a scientific approach to consider the evidence, discovers that the evidence is there and is compelling.

Mahoney interviews a wide range of ‘experts’ and what is so clearly demonstrated is that they take a very unscientific, even, at times, illogical approach. The fact is that they don’t see what they don’t want to see;, whereas if you approach the subject with an open mind and are willing to follow the evidence, the biblical account is strongly corroborated by the evidence.

Everything about this film is excellent – the cinematography, the graphics, the scope of research and the conclusion.

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