John Verdi (USA)

Graduated from EBC’s School for Preachers in June 2015

I am a pastor at Sonship Ministries, a church  in Brooklyn, New York.

I cannot begin to tell you how EBC has changed the way I preach and teach.  Before taking this on-line course, I would use commentaries to put together my sermons. I believe God still used that simple method because I was faithful to His Word.  However, after learning how to apply the science of interpretation (hermeneutics) and homiletics  to a text of Scripture, I am now able to structure the sermon with clarity and have a greater understanding of the text myself so I could preach with a greater passion and confidence.  It taught me how to put an outline together directly from the passage, which has helped me to see the text more clearly and, so, my hearers can see it more clearly. It also taught me how to bridge the gap between then – when the text was written -and now, which immensely helped me with the application of the sermon.  Not only am I reaping the benefits of the course, but my congregation is as well – all for God’s glory.

I currently pastor at Sonship Ministries, a Christ-centered ministry.  I love our small church whose congregation is intensely lovable and willing to learn about Christ.  As with all ministries, we have our shortcomings and problem areas.  Please pray that God will help us in our struggles and that these struggles will not veer us from the bigger picture of preaching and teaching Christ and Him crucified.