Rachel Strawbridge (Scotland)

Rachel Strawbridge (Scotland)

Graduated with a Diploma in Theology in June 2015

I’m Rachel, I’m from the blustery Shetland Islands, and when I started at EBC I had just turned 19. I had hoped to be at University studying nursing but God had a different plan. I had always wanted to study the Bible in some capacity, whether it be a discipleship course or something similar, but when a friend told me about this newly established Edinburgh Bible College I was intrigued. After much prayer, advice-seeking and an interview, I was to start theological training in the Autumn.

Before I started studying, I felt quite intimidated by what lay before me; only ministers and pilgrims and godly people went to Bible College, and I certainly didn’t feel like I qualified! I had no call to become a pastor or any kind of preacher, I just wanted to learn more about God and His Word and apply it to my own life. EBC has been designed to be accessible for people of all walks and calls of life, and so in hindsight this is why God led me there in particular. I was one of the only female students and definitely the youngest, but those differences didn’t seem to matter when you’re surrounded by people who want to learn and love God.

I am by no means an expert on anything theological, but I do feel so much more comfortable handling God’s Word after my two years at EBC. We were given a walk through the whole Bible, studied different characters, different themes, different genres, different theological arguments. We worshipped God, evangelised, and developed our ability to read, interpret and speak on passages. In this society, God is forgotten about and is left behind in biblical history; EBC helped me to bring Him back to His rightful place – at the centre of everything. When we forget about ourselves and focus on the King of the Universe, everything else finds its rightful place.

It was two incredibly valuable years and the knowledge I gained has helped me massively in my faith. I’m now back in Shetland, nursing and married to David and have two amazing children, Euan and Lucy.

After college I married my husband David, and have begun studying nursing at the University of Stirling – God had it in His plan all along! David works for Scripture Union Scotland as an outdoor activities instructor. We have become members of a church and are getting involved in various youth ministries. I haven’t gone on to be a minister or pastor as would be the norm after theological training, but I bring with me into the world a bigger knowledge of God and His greatness.