Pneumatology: The Doctrine of The Holy Spirit

A Christian may not always be conscious of the Holy Spirit’s presence, but he would not even be a Christian in his absence. 


For many years the person and work of the Holy Spirit was a neglected study, which is why he is sometimes called “The Forgotten God” (Francis Chan).  As a result, the study of the Holy Spirit has become associated with controversy and marred by confusion.

Nevertheless, the Christian life is a spiritual life, because the Holy Spirit should be at the heart of our daily Christian experience. There is no Christian life apart from the presence, power and resources of the Holy Spirit.  This course will seek to teach clearly the biblical truths about the person and work of the Holy Spirit, while also dealing with the areas of controversy and confusion.

Classes are held over zoom, making them accessible to ANYONE, wherever they live. They start on Wednesday 19th April and run over 9 Wednesday mornings between 11.00am and 1.00pm. Your course tutor is Pastor John Brand, EBC’s Director of Training.

The cost is just £150 (auditing) or £200 (study credits), and you can register for this course here.

You can download a Module Description here


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