In general, people have one of two opposite and extreme approaches to Revelation – they either become obsessed and preoccupied with it or they avoid it as much as they possibly can; they either become caught up with, and even dogmatic, about the interpretation of the symbolic nitty-gritty and detail, or they find the whole thing so perplexing and confusing that they simply keep away.

In this module we will work our way through this last book of the Bible, making sense of its complex structure and contents, but do so in a way that will be edifying and spiritually profitable.

We will help you become familiar with the teaching and truths of Revelation and have an understanding of its nature and structure. You will gain a real appreciation of the assuring message of apocalyptic literature and of God’s sovereignty, especially in times of testing and trial and you will be equipped to interpret and apply Revelation in a hermeneutically correct and consistent way.

The course will be taught virtually over zoom on nine Thursday mornings from 11.00am – 1.00pm, starting on Thursday 6th October.

There are two ways to get involved:

  • You can audit the course – simply taking part, enjoying the teaching and online fellowship, and benefitting from lots of notes and materials
  • you can submit assessments – completing an assignment for marking and gaining EBC study credits

The cost is:

  • auditing option: £126 (18 hours of teaching @ £7 per hour)
  • assessments option: £180 (18 hours @ £10 per hour)

Please note that fees must be paid in advance. Registration is essential and can be done here.

If you have any questions or want more information, please email

The course tutor is Mr Jamie Gallacher Diploma in Expository Preaching, Licentiate in Theology

Jamie Graduated from EBC in 2016 with a DipEP and again in 2020 with an LTh. He is currently doing further studies with Highland Theological College and is an active member of Hamilton Baptist Church