The Class of 2020

Because of the current lockdown restrictions we are obviously unable to publicly celebrate the achievements of our 2020 Graduates – at least for the time being. We are hopeful of being able to do so later in the year. In the meantime, over the next few days we will feature our 7 graduates of 2020 and commend them to your prayers. Perhaps, as you read their stories, you could see yourself as an EBC Graduate in 2021 or 2022! Why not get in touch with us and explore possibilities.

Meet – and pray for:

Gavin Dickson

Gavin is an evangelist with SASRA, The Soldiers & Airmen’s Scripture Readers Association. He has successfully completed our new Advanced Ministry Apprenticeship Programme (AMAP), graduating with a Licentiate in Theology (with Distinction). AMAP is a 9 month vocational training programme, conducted in diverse ministry settings under the leadership of EBC and external mentors.  (More details here)

Gavin writes, “Having moved from Germany to Edinburgh, I wished to continue studying theology. I was made aware of the AMAP course at Edinburgh Bible College and, noticing that this would meet requirements as Continual Personal Development (CPD) and being told that SASRA would fund most of the course, I jumped at the chance to study the Bible and develop skills and gifting in ministry.

“The program is primarily designed for those going into full time ministry and focused on those being called into the pastorate. However, the course is adaptable and as someone already in full time ministry as an Evangelist with SASRA the programme has been beneficial and has challenged me in some deep areas.

“The work with Heather Holdsworth on Spiritual Formation has been especially challenging. Delving into the whys of my personal life and going deeper into issues both realised and potential. For example, we did a lot of work looking at ‘blind spots’ and ‘weakness’ that might hinder or at worst destroy ministry.

“The AMAP course has helped further develop my ministry philosophy as well as helped in planning and resourcing ministry projects. My hope is that the knowledge and skills will help me reach more soldiers and airmen with the Good News of the Kingdom of God.” 


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