The Class of 2020

The Class of 2020

Meet – and pray for – another of our latest cohort of Graduates.

Because of the current lockdown restrictions we are obviously unable to publicly celebrate the achievements of our 2020 Graduates – at least for the time being. We are hopeful of being able to do so later in the year. But, in the meantime, we are featuring our 7 graduates of 2020 and commending them to your prayers. Perhaps, as you read their stories, you could see yourself as an EBC Graduate in 2021 or 2022! Why not get in touch with us and explore possibilities.

Gillian Glancy

Gillian has also graduated with a Licentiate in Theology (with Merit), having successfully completed our new Advanced Ministry Apprenticeship Programme (AMAP). This is a 9 month vocational training programme, conducted in diverse ministry settings under the leadership of EBC and external mentors.  (More details here)

Gillian writes, “My AMAP course experience at EBC this past year has helped me for the first time to have the confidence in prayerfully reading the Bible on my own, knowing that the Holy Spirit will help my understanding of God’s Word for his glory and my growing in Christ-likeness. 

“I have an increased hunger for knowing God’s Word in relation to decision making and pointing others to Jesus. God has grown me in my reverence for Him – I fear Him more than ever, whilst more able and willing to run into his arms because His mercies are new every day. In the words of the song, “our sins they are many, His mercy is more”. 

“What I love and think about often is God’s gentleness in teaching me which, in turn, God uses to teach me how to parent my autistic children, in a safe and God honouring way.

“My growing in understanding of God’s Word has better equipped me in dealing with conflict within relationships.

“God has shown me a deeper understanding of what it means to deny self and put the interests of others above my own, for His glory and the unity of the Body of Christ.

“My favourite classes this year were Knowing Mission and Spiritual Formation – I have grown in my relationship with the Lord in the area of repentance and identity in Christ which have both filled me with joy and a new awareness of purpose. I have never felt so excited about God’s rescue plan for all nations, and this has resulted in a renewed compassion for the lost as well as greater longing to be home with Jesus.”


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