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Tuition Fees

At EBC we want to make our teaching available to as many people as possible and while we would like to make everything free we actually think what we provide is worth paying for(!). We also need to pay our way and cover our costs and so we have structured our fees in the following way.

All our modules (courses) are comprised of a certain number of units (one hour classes / teaching material).

Modules are charged at £10 per unit [so a module of 20 units would cost £200.

Information about the total cost of specific courses can be found on the relevant pages.

There are three ways in which you can make payments to Edinburgh Bible College:

1.  Electronic Transfer   This is the quickest, most efficient way and our preferred option. You will need the following details of our account.  Important: If you make a payment by transfer, please detail the method and amount of payment and the   reason for it in the box below and press submit.

  • Bank: Co-operative Bank
  • Sort Code: 08 92 99
  • Account Name: Edinburgh Bible College
  • Account Number: 65579738

2. PayPal

Click on the button below to make a payment via PayPal.  Note: Although the button says ‘Donate’, by default, it can be used for making payments for courses.

3. Cheque   

Cheques made payable to Edinburgh Bible College can be sent to us at 39 Greendykes Road, BROXBURN  EH52 5AF

Please remember to enclose details of what the payment is for with your cheque.