Why EBC: Biblical Training

Why EBC: Biblical Training

When it comes to choosing a Bible College training, there are numerous options and potential students need to know what they are signing up for. When we were setting up EBC nine years ago we identified 7 core characteristics that we want to pursue and be known by and over the next few days our Principal, John Brand, is going to remind you of these.

1.Biblical Training

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EBC is committed to training that produces men and women who are steeped in the Scriptures and whose lives are shaped by their teaching

The need of the unbelieving world, the need of the local church, the need of the world of missions – now more than ever – is a generation of men and women who are

  • conversant with the whole Bible
  • convicted by the truths of the Bible
  • convinced of the inerrancy, infalliblity and sufficiency of the Bible
  • captivated in their own mind and heart by the Bible
  • conformed to the teaching of the Bible
  • committed to the ultimate authority of the Bible
  • confident in the supernatural power of the Bible
  • competent in teaching and preaching their Bible in such a way that doesn’t rob it of its supernatural power

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