Don’t just take our word for it – here is what some of our students and supporting church leaders have said:

I have been exposed to a number of different biblically-focused training organisations in Scotland, and Edinburgh especially, but this is the one that I would endorse above any others. The genuinely gracious culture that John Brand leads at EBC reflects the God of the Bible that we should all be willing to die for. It is such a culture of grace – and truth – that enables disciple-making-disciples to really come alive. If you’re considering some training for Christian service, I can wholeheartedly endorse the team at EBC to you.

Nick Franks, Media Consultant

Having spent nearly three years at EBC, I think I am in a position to comment on what it offers: Though small (at the moment) and growing, EBC offers a very rich learning experience for any potential Bible college student. College staff are highly experienced in the various aspects of ministry, having many years involvement in missionary work and other facets of Christian ministry. They are Bible-loving, Christ-centred and devoted to preparing others to know God more, spread Christ’s Gospel and equip them for the various aspects of ministry. EBC offers very strong teaching on Systematic Theology, Biblical Studies, Hermeneutics, Homiletics, Cross-Cultural Missions, Spiritual Disciplines and much more. Placement experience is a key part of the programmes, where students, guided by staff, will be placed in a church of their choice. Students are then progressively exposed to ministry responsibilities as they become more and more equipped. The class devotional time in the morning provides a fantastic start to each day and is a real blessing, and the fellowship between students and staff is a joy. I thoroughly recommend the EBC to any student interested in knowing God more and being thoroughly equipped to serve Him.

Ryan McKernan, 2018 Graduate


The time I spent in EBC was the most shaping, challenging and developing time in my life. If someone asked me about EBC I would say something like this: If you want to know how to read, know and understand your Bible better… and how to interpret and preach and teach your Bible better… and how to apply your Bible better in your life… then EBC is the very place you are looking for. If you want to know not only “about God” but “God himself” better, EBC is for you.Adam Urban, 2016 Graduate

The EBC course allowed me to study at my own pace and at a distance. This was important as I live in Northern Ireland and because of my more mature years. I had previously gained a Diploma in Expository Preaching under John Brand’s teaching and knew that he had great abilities as a tutor, but also that he stood firm in the final authority of Scripture. The lectures were informative, interesting and enjoyable. The lecturers were experts in their own fields and were very enthusiastic. The course was not an easy option – we were made to think, question and research for ourselves. I was challenged but also blessed. It was also a blessing to be able to visit the college itself for some classes and take part in discussions. Rev. Brand was available at short notice when I had queries or just needed a little encouragement. I would heartily recommend this college to anyone who has an interest in the Bible and would like to expand their knowledge of Scripture but who lives remotely or cannot commit to full time study. It is also a Bible College in the traditional sense for those who would like to study for a Diploma in Theology. The course has certainly opened up the book for me and equipped me to evangelise part time in the South of Ireland and in Portugal. So many times when I was almost lost for words, God brought to my remembrance portions of Scripture that I had studied during this course.  To God be the glory!

Paul McManus, 2016 Graduate

Best 2 years of my life, studying the Word of God with people who love it and conform their lives by it and share it. Gavin Dickson, 2015 Graduate

If you’re worried Bible College isn’t for you because you’re concerned about the faithfulness of teaching, or the content of the course is too demanding or intimidating, or for whatever reason, worry not! EBC isn’t about academia or becoming a ‘good Christian,’ it’s about God! And when you invest your time in God, learning about His ways and getting to know His character, you really can’t go wrong. These last two years have made me forget about myself and remember that God is what everything is all about. So indescribably thankful for all that I’ve learned, and thank you Edinburgh Bible College for all the teaching! Rachel Adamson, 2015 Graduate

One of the things that is most disappointing for me as a pastor today is the lack of comprehension and understanding of the Bible among so many church-going people. We often say that the Bible is our only authoritative source for faith and practice, and yet, so many seem to have such a meagre understanding of its content and principles. The EBC offers a unique opportunity to “rightly divide the word of God” and to grow in understanding and application of the Bible. Rev Wayne Sutton, Carubbers Christian Centre, Edinburgh

My spirit always found your teaching engaging and sound…thanks so much for helping me to dig it out, write it down, pray it in, live it out, and pass it on. I will continue to pray that the Lord will energise you to continue with your work in College.” Ricky Henry, former student

Thank you for the opportunity you have afforded us…to study and deepen our knowledge of God’s Word but not just in an intellectual context, in an awakening of our spirit to know and desire more of our God in relationship and discipleship. Linda Dowling, student

One of our greatest needs in Scotland is an institution to train faithful pastors and preachers of God’s Word. This, I believe, will be provided under the auspices of the Edinburgh Bible College where sound biblical teaching will surely be advanced. Rev David Greenaway, Pathhead Baptist Church, Kirkcaldy

The study was superb. If you conduct this study again at a location easy to get to I might seriously consider attending it all over again. Nimal Wijesinghe, former student

This class has been extremely important in my ministerial and overall spiritual development. Joe Monagas, former student

The quality teaching had an energy in it, a real conviction in the purpose of the teaching and learning. David Darragh, former student

If you want to be exhilarated…stimulated…and challenged in the Scriptures, then Edinburgh Bible College is a perfect choice for such a course. E learning is ideal for those who are home based yet want to enjoy the benefits of a structured College pathway to a formal qualification. The lectures and excellent study notes are an invaluable resource for future reference and so easy to download for even the most basic computer user. Signing on to study this way has been one of the best decisions I have made; it has developed my confidence in presenting and teaching the Scriptures far beyond anything I could have imagined and I haven’t finished yet! I would recommend Edinburgh Bible College unreservedly and without any hesitation. Pamela Stewart, former student

Bible College is a total life experience affecting body, mind and soul, all with a view to preparing people effectively for various aspects of Christian ministry. EBC meets that challenge admirably. Studying at EBC will take you from where you are, develop what you already know and make you what God wants in order to serve Him in today’s world. Rev Dr Sandy Roger, Brucefield Church, Whitburn

I started with EBC because I wanted to deepen both my knowledge of, and my relationship with God – the course I am taking at EBC is fulfilling both of these. I am growing to know God, not just learn information about him so the benefit to me is huge. During every lecture, there is a wonderful revelation, which opens up my understanding of God and why I am at this point in my search to dig deeper. Julie Uttridge, student