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Posts by John Brand

Guard the Gospel

2 Timothy is Paul’s last recorded letter, written to his son in the faith just weeks before his own death and is one of the most straight forward and urgent of the New Testament letters and one of the most relevant for our day and generation. In our new series of evening classes over zoom, our Principal, Pastor John Brand, will be opening up this challenging New Testament letter over 5 Tuesday evenings, beginning on Tuesday 9th November. The cost…

EBC Fleece For Sale

A reminder that we have a brand new, unworn, EBC Fleece for sale Size L. Just £20 plus any postage involved. If you are interested, please email us at or text 07722 484742 Just what you need with autumn now with us.

Time Is Running Out!

There’s still time – but only just! – to sign up for the first of our new zoom evening classes which starts tomorrow (Tuesday) evening at 7pm. For the next 5 weeks, Kieran Banks, Pastor of Dedridge Baptist Church, Livingston, will be addressing the subject of Gripped by the Gospel. More details here, and you can register here – but hurry!

Are You gripped By The Gospel?

There’s just one week to go until the first of our new evening classes – see more information here. Each Tuesday evening, for this first series, Rev Kieran Banks of Dedridge Baptist Church, Livingston, will be examining what the gospel actually is? Kieran, who is as gripped by the gospel as anyone we know, says, “What the gospel actually consists of seems to be as varied as the number of people we ask. Given that this can’t be so, the…

Evening Virtual Bible College

It’s now just two weeks until we start our new online evening classes. Each Tuesday evening during term time there will be two 50 minute lectures with a short break in between. Registration is required but very simple. For the first series, Rev Kieran Banks, Pastor of Dedridge Baptist Church in Livingston is taking as his subject something we know him to be really passionate about: Gripped by the Gospel. What the gospel actually consists of seems to be as…

Please Pray!

We would value your prayers this afternoon (Monday 13th) for the College Board of Directors as they meet for their quarterly meeting. We are grateful to God for these Christian leaders who give of their time, experience and wisdom to help guide and oversee the work of the College. Tomorrow, the College staff meet – in person for the first time in 18 months! – and would also appreciate prayer as we prepare for the start of the new session…


The growth and expansion of the early church as recorded in the book of Acts is nothing less than spectacular. In the space of little more than 30 years the church grew from 120 frightened believers in Jerusalem to tens of thousands of them all over the known world. What were the secrets of their success and what can we learn from them today? Join us for this exciting journey of discovery. You can download more details about the course here,…

EBC Would Like To Fleece You!

We are having some EBC fleeces made and are making them available to anyone! From personal experience we can assure you that these fleeces are of extremely good quality and very comfortable. The cost will be £20 (plus postage to you) and size and colour options are below. If you would like one or more, please email us at before Saturday 11th September

Spiritual Disciplines

Part of the very DNA of EBC is that we are committed not just to information, i.e. the teaching of good solid biblical truth, but to transformation, seeing that truth mature and equip Christians for effective, God glorifying life and ministry. Crucial in that task is Spiritual Disciplines and we are running a module on that starting this October. You can download more details about the course here and here, and you can register for the course here.

Eschatology: The Doctrine Of The Last Things

Martin Luther said: “There are only 2 days in my diary – today, and THAT day” (i.e. the day of Jesus’ return). There is no shortage of teaching, viewpoints and theories about the return-of-Christ and the end-of-the-world.  This course will major on the biblical certainties, while acknowledging the different views held by genuine believers. Introduction to eschatology Death, immortality and the intermediate state The Return of Christ The Millennium The resurrection of the dead The final judgment Heaven Hell Eschatology…

Study Romans at EBC

This autumn, over 9 Wednesday afternoons, our Principal, Rev John Brand, will be teaching through the immensely important and enriching letter of Paul to the Romans. We will be running the course both in person at the College and over zoom, as one of our popular virtual classrooms, so wherever you are in the world you can benefit. All the sessions will also be recorded so if Wednesday afternoons don’t suit you, then you can watch at your own convenience.…

Pastoral Theology Module

This is a reminder of our new Pastoral Theology module that begins at the beginning of October. We already have a few folk signed up for it but there is always room for more. We believe this will be of interest, not only to those training for pastoral ministry, but also some who have been engaged in that work for some time and who would benefit from a refresher course, and even those currently involved in pastoral work but who…

Online Evening Classes @ EBC

From the very start, EBC has aimed to be as accessible and as flexible as possible, so that we can make our teaching available to as many people as possible – whoever they are and wherever they are. We are now going to capitalise on the the possibilities afforded by zoom and run weekly evening classes so that even more people can benefit from inspirational Bible teaching. In autumn 2021 we will be running two 5 week series focussing on…

Why EBC? Ask Joshua

Joshua Truesdale graduated in 2019 with a Diploma in Applied Theology and in 2020 with a Licentiate in Theology, having successfully completed our third year Advanced Ministry Apprenticeship Programme In this interview with our Principal he shares why he chose EBC in the first place and why he would encourage others to do the same.

Pastoral Theology

EBC is committed to preparing God’s people for God’s purposes, and to do that especially within the context of the local church.  To that end, we take no greater pleasure than in preparing suitably gifted men for pastoral ministry. Our Diploma in Applied Theology covers all the usual and important subjects of Systematic Theology, Biblical Theology and Practical Theology and we put a great deal of emphasis on spiritual formation and disciplines as well as giving student opportunities for practical…

Why EBC? Ask Peter

Peter has just completed the first year of what we call ‘blended learning’ with EBC. This has enabled him to do some study via zoom classes while attending other classes in person as covid restrictions have allowed. That approach might also work for you, in which case we would be delighted to hear from you.

Why EBC: Ask Kevin

Kevin is currently studying with EBC, taking advantage of our zoom classes, and is hoping to do further study with us. Our Principal asked him why he chose EBC to study with and what he would say to other potential students who were exploring study options.