EBC Preachers’ Club

EBC Preachers’ Club

At the heart of EBC’s vision and passion has always been the training and equipping of faithful, effective and passionate Bible preachers and teachers. EBC trained pastors and preachers are now active in ministry in USA, N Ireland, England, Scotland, Poland, Uganda and South Sudan. This summer, at the request of national church leaders, we will be beginning a training course for preachers in Poland.

A very profitable part of beginning and sustaining a preaching and teaching ministry is the opportunity to interact with others in the work, learning from one another and getting feedback. So, starting in September 2024, we will be hosting a zoom-based monthly Preachers’ Club which will be open to ANYONE currently involved in or preparing for a preaching or teaching ministry. Each month, on a Saturday morning, the group will work collaboratively on a passage of Scripture, helping one another to identify the key theme, the structure, the application and the Christological key.

There will be no formal cost for this group, but donations will we welcome. Further details will be available in due course, but if you would like to register an interest or get additional information now, please contact EBC’s Principal, John Brand – john.brand@edinburghbiblecollege.co.uk


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