EBC’s School For Preachers

EBC’s School For Preachers

At the heart of EBC’s vision and passion has always been the training and equipping of faithful, effective and passionate Bible preachers and teachers. EBC trained pastors and preachers are now active in ministry in USA, N Ireland, England, Scotland, Poland, Uganda and South Sudan. This summer, at the request of national church leaders, we will be beginning a training course for preachers in Poland.

In order to make this training available to as many as possible, we have reformatted and restructured our expository preaching course and from the autumn will be running it fortnightly on Tuesday evenings over zoom.

School for Preachers is a zoom based training course to equip you to be an effective preacher or teacher of Scripture.  As well as group sessions there are opportunities for one-to-one mentoring and feedback. 

If you are:

  • · interested in learning how to correctly teach or preach the Bible
  • · wondering whether you might have a gift for preaching
  • · already doing some preaching but want to be better at it
  • · just starting out as a preacher and want to develop your gift
  • · a seasoned preacher who would like a refresher course

then this course may be just for you.

You will learn

· how to analyse and divide up the biblical text

· how to construct a message that is faithful to the Bible text

· how to effectively preach and teach God’s Word

Over the year-long course we will guide you through the PRINCIPLES of expository preaching, the PROCESS of sermon construction and the PRACTICE of sermon delivery.

There will be assignments and exercises and evaluation of sermons preached.

More details are available at the designated School for Preachers website


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