Polish School For Preachers

Polish School For Preachers

At the end of June, EBC’s Principal, Pastor John Brand, will be in Warsaw, Poland, for an exciting and strategic new venture. The Polish School For Preachers is the result of the vision and burden of Polish EBC Graduate, Pastor Adam Urban. Working with Adam and other national church leaders, John will be leading a three day conference which is the beginning of a three year training programme for Polish preachers and Bible teachers.

The current plan is that this event will be the first of three such annual gatherings, and in the intervening weeks and months there will be online seminars and individual mentoring.

Poland has a population of 37.5 million but there are only about 700 evangelical churches and roughly 60,000 evangelical believers – that’s just 0.17% of the population – with about the same number of liberal Lutherans. The need for strong Bible churches led by gifted and trained preachers is immense and we are privileged to play even a small part in meeting that need.

Listen to Pastor Ben Layer of the Evangelical Church in Siedlce, Poland, where Adam Urban also serves as he explains the need for this ministry and its potential fruit for the Church in Poland.

This first training conference takes place on Thursday – Saturday, 27th – 29th June, at Zagorna 10 Evangelical Church in Warsaw where John has had the privilege of speaking in the past and we greatly value the prayers of God’s people that this venture would be mightily blessed by him for the growth of the church in Poland. Please pray for Adam and his team in Poland as they make all the arrangements at their end and for John as he is currently busy writing the course material.


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