Postcard from Poland: Day 1

Postcard from Poland: Day 1

It’s exciting! After many months of planning, praying and dreaming – not to mention countless webchats, emails etc etc – this strategic vision of training for Polish preachers is about to come to fruition. I arrived in Warsaw this afternoon and, for once, the Ryanair flight actually left Edinburgh on time and arrived a few minutes early. I suspect disciplinary action awaits the pilot. Seriously though, I was grateful for a hassle free journey and it was a delight to be met by my good friend, EBC Graduate, Pastor Adam Urban. This whole training project is his vision and dream and, apart from anything else, I am pleased for him that it is eventually getting off the ground. Read this article and watch this video for more information about the need for this Polish School for Preachers:

Adam deposited me safely in the church premises where the conference will take place and where there is some accommodation, so I am enjoying a small flat with all necessities laid on. I was the speaker here at a day conference back in 2019 and preached at their Sunday morning service and it was a joy to renew fellowship today with Pastor Slawomire.

Adam and I did some catching up over food and then got everything ready for the first session which starts at 9.30am tomorrow – Thursday. (Bear in mind that Poland is one hour ahead of UK time). I will be responsible for the five hours of lecturing each day and our subject for tomorrow is The Doctrine of Scripture. We are expecting around 12-13 people in all, including 2 or 3 joining by zoom, and this is more than was envisaged just a few weeks’ ago. Please pray for each of those attending, for myself as I teach – all in English – and for Adam as he pulls everything together. I am really looking forward to building some meaningful relationships and friendships with the attendees, relationships which will, I trust, last into the years ahead. It’s very warm here, though not quite as hot as I was used to in Khartoum or Juba, but I’ll need to drink plenty to keep myself hydrated as I teach.

Watch for the next update, God willing, on Thursday evening.

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  1. Linnea Randall

    Glad to hear you have arrived safely and everything is ready to go! Praying for the whole conference and look forward to reading the next update!

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