Eschatology: The Doctrine Of The Last Things

Eschatology: The Doctrine Of The Last Things

Martin Luther said: “There are only 2 days in my diary – today, and THAT day” (i.e. the day of Jesus’ return). There is no shortage of teaching, viewpoints and theories about the return-of-Christ and the end-of-the-world.  This course will major on the biblical certainties, while acknowledging the different views held by genuine believers.

  1. Introduction to eschatology
  2. Death, immortality and the intermediate state
  3. The Return of Christ
  4. The Millennium
  5. The resurrection of the dead
  6. The final judgment
  7. Heaven
  8. Hell
  9. Eschatology and the Christian life

The course lecturer is Rev David Randall, Minister of Falkirk Free Church and it will be held on nine Thursday mornings through October, November and December.

You can download more details about the course here, including dates and you can register for the course here.


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